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$69 Furnace Tune-Up

Get a comprehensive health report and serving of your furnace to ensure your furnace can run at its best when you need it most!

What Our $69 Furnace Tune-up Consists Of:

Heating Clean/Check:

-Check filter-Check UV lights

-Check thermostat

-Check humidifier

-Check and tighten electrical connections

-Check capacitors-Check flame sensor

-Check ignitor/ignition components

-Check motor amperages

-Check and adjust gas pressure

-Check static pressure

-Check sequence of operation

-Check and adjust control settings

-Check air temperature rise

-Check flue pipe condition

-Check flue draft

-Combustion analysis and efficiency test

-Check indoor carbon monoxide levels

-Check condensate drain

-Check overall system safety, function, and performance

-Clean flame sensor

-Clean inducer orifice(s)

-Clean collector orifice(s)

-Clean burners


Let's Get Started

Ready to book your furnace tune-up? Click the link below to book an appointment that works for you and your schedule.

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